The Inevitability of Mobile Gaming Onchain

by RallyProtocol Team

Mobile Gaming

During the Mobile Onchain Summit, presented by RallyProtocol at Consensus 2024, panelists delved into the current landscape of mobile onchain gaming and its future. Here are the key insights from the discussion:

Leveling Up The Gaming Experience

Onchain gaming leverages blockchain technology to enable experiences previously impossible in traditional gaming. Key benefits include true ownership of in-game assets and transparency. This transition fosters a new era of player empowerment, engagement, and rewards that didn’t exist before. Erica Cheever from VividGamingGG is a prominent figure in this space, bringing awareness to onchain gaming and reflecting a growing community of gamers and developers exploring blockchain's potential to create more immersive and rewarding experiences for everyday consumers.

Aligning Incentives for Both Developer and Players 

Welly Sculley from SuperLayer and Unite, with a decade of crypto experience, focuses on how blockchain can revolutionize game monetization for all participants. He discusses the potential shift from traditional monetization models to innovative and unexplored strategies that  benefit not only developers but also players and the community directly.

Empowering Game Developers With Onchain Tools

Renz Chong, CEO of BreederDAO, highlights a critical need in the blockchain gaming ecosystem: tools to help developers build on-chain games. By providing tailored in-game asset creation tools, BreederDAO is paving the way for developers to create gaming universes unique to their brand and community.

NFTs, More Than Just Digital Assets

No onchain game is complete without the mention of NFTs. NFTs are not merely digital collectibles; for some games, they form the backbone of blockchain gaming. Mobile games like Pirate Nation and Guild of Guardians demonstrate how NFTs can enhance gameplay by providing players with unique, tradable assets that carry real-world value. This enriches the gaming experience and introduces new economic dynamics within games.

Current Challenges for Mobile Onchain Apps

Despite its potential, one of the hurdles mobile onchain gaming faces is the challenging app store policies. However, the increasing number of onchain games being released regularly is a positive sign. Another hurdle is the need for better user experiences; users unfamiliar with Web3 should not have to go through the hassle of creating a wallet. More effort spent on ensuring a seamless transition for players new to the blockchain space through technologies such as embedded wallets and gasless transactions would be beneficial for everyone.

The Future Is Bright For Mobile

The journey into mobile onchain gaming is just beginning. Blockchain technology is transforming how we play, interact with digital worlds, and perceive ownership and value in gaming. This shift towards a more rewarding, empowering, and innovative ecosystem brings new challenges and endless possibilities for players and developers. The rise of decentralized platforms, developer tools & SDKsfor mobile, and the love of gaming is setting the stage for a new world of digital interaction and creativity. 

Watch to the Whole Panel Here

Watch the Future of Onchain Gaming Powered by Mobile panel here.

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