RallyMobileEmbedded Wallets

Mobile SDKs for instant embedded wallets

Equip every user with embedded wallets in your native mobile app—no signups, no third-party logins, and no popups ever.

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Onchain onboarding in zero taps

RallyMobile eliminates the practice of locking your app experience behind a wallet creation process.


Create wallets for users at any time during the app journey, from the first app launch to their first NFT claim.


Wallets are created under the hood, allowing your users to experience a pop-up-less, single-application experience.


Wallets are created, stored, and synced to the native-devices cloud without ever seeing a spinner.

Embedded wallets fit for your app

Take control to decide whether to display addresses, balances, and seed phrases in your UI.

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RallyMobile provides a

better developer experience

Our embedded wallet solution offers simple and non-prescriptive features, enabling developers to focus on what they do best—building great apps.

Native device custody and recovery

Keys are stored and encrypted by the device's secure enclave, and backed up to the device's cloud for easy recovery.

Developer-owned user relationships

RallyMobile is not an intermediary between users and their embedded wallets. Your app, your users, your relationship.

Permissionless, open source, and free

Create embedded wallets immediately, without a developer account or wallet management fees.

1M+ Embedded wallets created

Trusted by builders, RallyMobile powers onchain mobile apps, from SocialFi to GameFi, and everything in between.



Deep Dive Rewards

Wallets in one line

Create an embedded wallet anywhere within your mobile app’s experience, in an instant.

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Start building onchain mobile apps today.