The Mobile Layer for Web3

All-in-one web3 mobile toolkit that enables developers to create frictionless, end-to-end onchain experiences for native mobile apps.

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RallyProtocol consolidates fragmented onchain solutions into a single mobile-first toolkit.

Our solutions offer simple, core-level onchain integrations, enabling developers to focus on building delightful app experiences.

Instant Embedded Wallets

Create secure and performant embedded wallets on-demand for your mobile app users—no signups, logins, or popups required.

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User-Centric Custody

Keys are stored locally on-device and backed up to the cloud, restoring complete ownership to the users.

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Gasless Transactions

Enable one-tap token transfers, NFT claims, and even smart contract deployments from within mobile apps gaslessly.

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The power to create user-friendly mobile UX with fewer taps and zero web3 touchpoints.

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Onchain in a few lines of code

Create an embedded wallet, claim test tokens gaslessly, and perform a token transfer gaslessly in just minutes.

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Supported environments

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