The simplest way to build onchain mobile apps

All-in-one mobile toolkit that enables developers to create frictionless, end-to-end onchain experiences for native mobile apps.

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Progressive wallets coming soon!

Onboard mobile users insantly with on-device EOAs and graduate them to smart contract accounts on-demand.

RallyProtocol unifies fragmented onchain solutions into one mobile-first toolkit

Our solutions offer simple, core-level onchain integrations, enabling developers to create end to end onchain experiences with ease.

RallyMobileEmbedded Wallets

Mobile SDKs for instant embedded wallets

Equip every user with embedded wallets in your native mobile app—no signups, no third-party logins, and no popups ever.

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Gasless transactions for onchain operations without fees

Enable one-tap token transfers, NFT claims, and even smart contract deployments from within mobile apps.

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"We think this is a game changer approach to crypto.”

web3 for artists, creators, degens, and you

Your app onchain

Create an embedded wallet, claim test tokens gaslessly, and perform a token transfer gaslessly in just minutes.

React Native
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Start building onchain mobile apps today.