Introduction to Rally Protocol

by Rally Protocol Team

The mobile layer for web3 

Blockchains might be complex, but building on-chain mobile apps doesn’t need to be. Using Rally Protocol, you can seamlessly blend the world of decentralized applications, with the ease and familiarity of mobile app development. 

With RallyMobile, your app’s users can be blockchain-ready at the first launch, without having to compromise key ownership, privacy, or security. And there’s no sign-ups or logins required. 

Currently, our SDK is available for builders who are building on Polygon, the Ethereum layer-2 network that provides the infrastructure to build performant and reliable consumer apps. 

Our SDK is available for use across a variety of environments, including Expo, React Native, and Flutter, and will be launching on Unity, Swift, and Java during the first half of 2024. 

Simplify crypto onboarding:

RallyMobile strips away the complexities associated with integrating blockchain, so users can focus on enjoying your app. Most web3 applications today are built with features that force users to leave an app, and perform functions  within a third-party wallet. These dapps also often rely on custodial technology such as MPCs, which compromises the onboarding process. 

With RallyMobile, you can not only make sure users stay in the world you built for them, but also ensure that they retain self-custody over their assets at all times. 

Instead of relying on third-party custody providers or exchanges, our SDK allows users to create Externally Owned Account (EOA) wallets directly on their devices, ensuring user trust and app reliability, without compromising an authentically on-chain experience. Relying on local device storage and the user’s cloud ensures that EOA generation is secure, and our developer friendly APIs allow for signing traditional user transactions on mobile, as well as EOA gasless transactions.

Gasless Transactions with RallyTransact

One of the biggest challenges users face in web3, is the requirement to hold a blockchain’s native token. What happens if they don’t have enough in their wallet to sign a transaction, or complete their first transfer? 

It’s possible they’ll just decide against using the app further.

Using RallyTransact, your app can utilize fully hosted infrastructure so that your users can send transactions gaslessly. This means no need to run your own Infura node, relayer nodes, or bundlers. We provide the tech and wallet balances to cover gasless transactions when initiated by a user, and developers pay us after the fact. 

RallyTransact also:

  • Covers the gas required to create and manage on-chain accounts.

  • Manages on-chain payments without you needing to worry about deploying contracts or monitoring dev wallet balances. 

  • Provides helpful developer tools that allow you to monitor data such as success, errors, or the most-active wallets. (Coming in Q1, 2024)

RallyTransact can also be used outside of our SDK, meaning developers can send transactions from their backend, web dapp, or desktop to receive all the benefits listed above.

Better UX  

Clunky interfaces, less than smooth transactions, and imperfect web3 integrations are often par for the course for blockchain mobile apps. 

Our SDK is designed with a focus on delivering a superior UX while also being developer friendly. Our SDK provides an onboarding experience that removes the need for wallet apps, while also giving developers an easy way to build a natively mobile environment that users feel confident using and coming back to. 

Whether you’re building a new decentralized application or integrating Web3 features into an existing mobile app, our RallyMobile SDK is your gateway to a world of possibilities. It’s a developer-friendly package focused on user experience and performance, without ever compromising on privacy or security. 

Coming Soon: ERC-4337 

The recent ERC-4337 is an upgrade to the Ethereum network that allows developers to build more user-friendly experiences for decentralized apps via "account abstraction." 

What is account abstraction?

Account abstraction on blockchains allows for assets to be held by smart contracts, instead of controlled via EOAs. Our upcoming developer friendly API will allow your users to create and manage on-chain accounts directly from your mobile app, as well as sign gasless transactions. 

Ethereum account abstraction is a new paradigm to allow for a more user-friendly experience when interacting with decentralized applications (DApps). Account abstraction within blockchain systems allows for assets to be exclusively held by smart contracts rather than being controlled by externally-owned accounts (EOAs). The ERC-4337 standard is the account abstraction token standard that unlocks the power of smart contract crypto wallets on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to get started 

You can integrate our SDK into your application with just a few simple lines of code, which improves maintainability, reduces potential errors,  and speeds up your development process. 

Get started now – RallyMobile is free. And you can sign up for a RallyTransact API key here

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