Rally Protocol and Taki Games Partner to Simplify Building Web3 Games

by Rally Protocol Team

Mobile game developer Taki Games, makers of Deep Dive, has partnered with Rally Protocol, to help redefine the web3 mobile gaming landscape through leveraging RallyMobile and RallyTransact, their powerful mobile SDK. With a priority on privacy and security, RallyMobile gives developers the tools to abstract away blockchain’s biggest pain points for users and deliver more seamless, web3-native experiences. 

RallyMobile’s EOA solution is non-custodial and completely abstracts blockchain away from users. Meaning new users no longer need to leave your app to complete simple actions like signing up for a wallet. And with the RallyTransact’s gasless transactions feature, users don’t have to worry about owning a blockchain’s native token before even being able to use your app.

The knowledge barrier to using a web3 app can be high, and using a web3 app often requires users and developers to understand a variety of blockchain concepts. But with Rally’s SDK, developers can easily build blockchain applications with the heavy lifting of blockchain abstracted away, so users can instantly make on-chain transactions without needing to understand gas fees, signing transactions, or wallet creation. Instead, they can just focus on using your app, for longer. And developers can focus on building features that make the app compelling for users, instead of building the plumbing of web3.

Taki Games is using both Rally’s EOA and gasless transactions solutions for their games, which allow players to earn tokens through playing the game. Because of Rally’s SDK, they’ve been able to design a more seamless onboarding flow for new players that allows them to more efficiently scale – RallyMobile means higher conversion rates, since users are less likely to drop off during sign up. And features like gasless transactions, and the ability to sell your tokens directly from the game, help retention in the long term. 

Taki Games said that among a sea of potential solutions, RallyMobile’s product stood out especially because of their focus on privacy and security, because users always maintain ownership of their wallet’s keys. And since RallyMobile can be used across React Native, Flutter, and Expo, Taki Games will be able to implement Rally’s SDK across the product they’ve built in different environments. And overall, Rally’s SDK saved Taki weeks of development, design, testing, security optimization, and long-term maintenance, allowing Taki to focus on building the best game experiences possible. 

About Rally

Rally Protocol is the full-stack infrastructure for a mobile-first blockchain world. Through RallyMobile and RallyTransact, the most complicated parts about blockchain can be abstracted away for both users and developers, so everyone can enjoy the best part of using apps – the app experience itself. Using Rallly, builders can seamlessly blend the world of decentralized applications, with the ease and familiarity of mobile app development. And users can be blockchain-ready at the first launch, without having to compromise key ownership, privacy, or security. Plus, there’s no sign-ups or logins required.

About Taki Games

Taki Games is a player-owned games network powered by the TAKI token. With 10M+ app downloads and 200k+ monthly active users, Taki is a leader in the play-and-earn space and pioneering a new form of player rewards based on real market value.  The team behind Taki Games previously co-founded Kabam, a pioneer in free-to-play gaming with multiple top-10 grossing mobile games, and which was acquired for nearly $1B.

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