RallyProtocol leads in gasless transactions on Polygon for native mobile apps.

by RallyProtocol Team

The growth of blockchain applications has been hindered by several web3 friction points, with the gas fees required to execute transactions being a major one. These fees create a barrier for new or inexperienced users and limit the adoption of web3 apps. Gasless solutions, where developers sponsor gas fees on behalf of users, have emerged as a much-needed solution to this problem. 

In this post, we’ll dive into the need for gasless solutions and how RallyProtocol's RallyTransact offering is helping developers create better web3 mobile experiences and leading gasless transactions on Polygon.

Web3 friction and gas fees

Gas fees are a necessary component of blockchain networks, they secure the network and incentivize validators, but they introduce significant user experience hurdles that hinder adoption, especially for mobile apps.

For developers building onchain mobile apps, gas fees are a major pain point causing user drop-off. New users are unfamiliar with gas fees and the multi-step process of acquiring tokens to pay for them. This journey involves creating exchange accounts, completing KYC verification, purchasing tokens with credit cards, and transferring them to on-chain wallets – a stark contrast to the seamless onboarding flows of web2 apps.

Moreover, developers face challenges with volatile gas fees that fluctuate based on token prices and network congestion. Users frequently encounter failed or stuck transactions, leading to frustration and churn.

How RallyTransact Empowers Developers

RallyTransact is a powerful service that enables developers to create onchain app experiences free from the complexities of web3. With just one tap, users can perform essential on-chain operations like claiming NFTs, transferring tokens, or deploying smart contracts directly from native mobile apps—no gas required.

By abstracting away gas fees, RallyTransact allows developers to craft non-interrupted, engaging app experiences. Users remain immersed in the curated app journey, without the friction of fulfilling on-chain requirements externally.

RallyTransact provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services, drastically reducing development, operational, and security overheads associated with implementing gasless transactions. Developers can focus on creating value through their app, rather than grappling with the complexities of building in-house gasless solutions.

With its mobile-first approach, RallyTransact streamlines the integration of gasless transactions into native mobile apps. Developers no longer need to piece together fragmented software or rely on costly wallet services. RallyTransact is versatile enough to support gasless transaction across tools and platforms whether you’re building an iOS or Android app in React Native, Flutter, Swift, or Kotlin. It can also be leveraged from your backend servers or web app.

Key Differentiators of RallyTransact

RallyTransact stands out through its unique ability to enable gasless transactions using user-custodied embedded EOA wallets, rather than relying on smart accounts. This provides greater flexibility and optionality for developers and end-users alike.

The platform offers seamless compatibility with RallyMobile's embedded wallet solution and supports integrations with any third-party wallet developers choose. This modularity frees developers to utilize RallyTransact's streamlined APIs for easy gasless transaction integration or build their infrastructure if preferred.

RallyProtocol is the leading gasless solution for Polygon

Polygon has become the go-to network for teams building low-cost onchain solutions, with millions of active wallets and transactions daily. Within Polygon, RallyTransact has emerged as the leading provider of gasless transactions.

Over the last 180 days, teams using RallyTransact contributed to over 70% of all Gas Station Network (GSN) transactions on Polygon. These transactions come from some of the top teams in web3 building mobile applications, like Taki Games, Trophy Network, Unite, and the Superlayer.

If you're a developer aiming to create delightful onchain experiences, RallyTransact provides the tools to make it happen. Explore our docs to learn more about easily integrating gasless transactions into your app. 

About RallyProtocol

RallyProtocol is an all-in-one web3 mobile toolkit that enables developers to create frictionless, end-to-end onchain experiences for native mobile apps. Through instant embedded wallet creation and gasless transactions, our mission is to give developers the power to create user-friendly mobile UX with fewer taps and zero web3 touchpoints.

Want to learn more? Dive more into our developer documentation here.

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