RallyMobile: Web3 Mobile Onboarding in Zero Taps

by RallyProtocol Team

A common UX flaw in many web3 mobile apps is the requirement for users to authenticate or log in before they can explore the app. This approach can create unnecessary friction, compelling users to navigate through various options to create a wallet, such as creating an account, signing in with third-party services, or connecting an external wallet— all before they can even see what the application has to offer.

Requiring wallet creation upfront often disrupts users' end-to-end experience within a single application. Whether they encounter third-party pop-ups for authentication or switch apps to connect an external wallet, these disruptions lead to drop-offs and unnecessary taps during mobile onboarding.

While users are accustomed to downloading and launching an app and immediately accessing its features, the world of web3 imposes additional requirements, creating a dissonance from the seamless, in-app experiences mobile users have come to expect.

Embedded Wallet Creation On-Demand

The RallyMobile SDK aims to solve this problem by providing developers with tools to create an embedded wallet under the hood within their native mobile app. With RallyMobile SDK, developers can generate embedded wallets on-demand on the user's device, eliminating the requirement to create a wallet upfront. The SDK offers developers the flexibility to display keys, balances, and the option to export/import keys for their users, allowing them to showcase web3 features or abstract away from users as needed.

While RallyMobile SDK does not require authentication, developers can choose to implement it at the app level if necessary for their specific use case. This approach grants developers complete control and flexibility over the onboarding process and a single-application experience. 

Real-World Impact: DeepDiveRewards by Taki

The impact of RallyMobile SDK's pop-upless wallet creation is evident in apps like DeepDiveRewards by Taki. It utilizes RallyMobile SDK to seamlessly create embedded wallets during the initial app launch without requiring any user input. With the elimination of web3 onboarding, users can start playing the game with just one tap.

Benefits of Under the Hood Embedded Wallets 

By enabling embedded wallet creation under the hood, RallyMobile SDK significantly improves the mobile web3 user experience:

  1. Seamless In-App Experience: Users can create an embedded wallet and start using the app immediately, without being redirected to other apps or going through multiple sign-in steps. This singular, uninterrupted in-app experience keeps users in your app. 

  2. Reduced Onboarding Friction: Eliminating mandatory user authentication at the SDK level streamlines the onboarding process. Users can dive straight into using the app without facing the usual web3 onboarding hurdles.

  3. Increased User Retention: A simplified, pop-upless onboarding flow reduces drop-off rates. Users are more likely to complete the onboarding process and continue using the app when it's seamless and friction-free.

  4. Developer Flexibility: RallyMobile SDK gives developers the freedom to design the onboarding experience that best fits their app. They can add user authentication at the app level if needed, but it's not a one-size-fits-all requirement

  5. Fewer Taps, Better UX: Reduce the number of taps required for onchain onboarding to get started with your app.

Start Building with RallyMobile SDK

RallyMobile SDK's pop-upless embedded wallet creation is just one example of how we're simplifying the mobile web3 developer and user experience. Our mission is to empower developers with tools to create engaging, friction-free on-chain mobile experiences that drive mainstream adoption.

To start building with RallyProtocol and RallyMobile SDK and bring the benefits of pop-upless wallet creation to your app, check out our documentation and start integrating today whether you’re building an iOS or Android app in React Native, Flutter, Swift, or Kotlin. Let's build a better mobile web3 experience together.

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